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Retail and the US Macro Economy with Roopa Varghese of Georgia-Pacific

Roopa Varghese, Sr. Director of Digital Marketplaces and New Brands at Georgia-Pacific, provides her insights on how the US macro-economy has shifted and affected the Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods industry. Roopa has a lengthy business experience in the US, having been based there for over 12 years, having had  ... Listen here

The Right Reasons to Change: a Critical View

Being a recruitment and executive search professional, I frequently come across people looking to change their jobs. No big deal, you say? Well, yes, except that I continue to be struck by the reasons people commonly cite for seeking a job change. Irrespective of their roles and levels, I have  ... Read more

What I think separates the Top CEOs from the rest…

Pablo Isla and Bernard Arnault are on HBR’s 2017 list of “Top 100 CEOs”. HBR follows a rigorous ranking process that takes into account the CEO’s performance on environmental, social and governance criteria as well- which shows that financial performance, while necessary, is no longer a sufficient condition in evaluating  ... Read more

Kate Pearson
Vice President Digital Acceleration at Walmart eCommerce

LS International speaks with Walmart eCommerce's VP of Digital Acceleration, Kate Pearson. We discuss with Kate about how an army background has contributed to her career in business. Being someone who's managed big teams in traditional Retail but is currently working on projects that are cutting edge, she's developed a  ... Listen here

Frequent M&A Keeps Competitors at Bay: OTC Industry Changes (Part 1)

Birth of the consumer healthcare industry The global consumer healthcare industry is a great example of consolidation shaping the evolution of the sector. Current players come from the pharmaceuticals & life sciences, healthcare and consumer products sectors. They have chosen joint ventures, M&A and divestitures/divestments to generate synergies, strengthen product/brand  ... Read more

How Retail is Responding to the “Amazon Effect”

With retailers adding more and more product categories, offering discounted prices and other mouth-watering deals, it is not surprising that more and more people are shopping online. Orders literally come in from across the world, so the number of locations to which products need to be delivered is increasing rapidly.  ... Read more

The Threat Posed by Resurgent Nationalism to the Pool of Global Talent

The lure of access to new and profitable high-growth markets has, for decades, encouraged companies from the developed world (and increasingly, from emerging economies as well) to expand outside their home countries. Such overseas ventures are initially led by expatriate leaders from parent companies. But over time, local executive talent  ... Read more

Patricia Corsi
SVP/ CMO Heineken Mexico

LS International speaks with Patricia Corsi, SVP/ CMO Heineken Mexico to find out more about her experience in delivering results and leading successful business transformation in Latin America and Europe. Her fluency in 3 languages, combined with a strong sense of curiosity allows her to be closer to consumer and  ... Listen here

Balancing external hires and internal promotions

  The demand for professionals who can lead change within organizations is on the rise. Based on an article by David A. Shore, Harvard University, entitled Making Change Happen: Five Keys to Driving Successful Change Initiatives: “Given the rapid pace of change in companies today, demand for people who can  ... Read more

What is the role of business in the new age of political extremism?

The 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer Global Annual Study made for uncomfortable reading. Edelman shows that trust is very much in crisis amongst the general public right across the world. In fact, trust in all four of the major institutions: business, government, NGOs, and the media has fallen. This decline in trust goes  ... Read more