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The Threat Posed by Resurgent Nationalism to the Pool of Global Talent

The lure of access to new and profitable high-growth markets has, for decades, encouraged companies from the developed world (and increasingly, from emerging economies as well) to expand outside their home countries. Such overseas ventures are initially led by expatriate leaders from parent companies. But over time, local executive talent  ... Read more

Patricia Corsi
SVP/ CMO Heineken Mexico

LS International speaks with Patricia Corsi, SVP/ CMO Heineken Mexico to find out more about her experience in delivering results and leading successful business transformation in Latin America and Europe. Her fluency in 3 languages, combined with a strong sense of curiosity allows her to be closer to consumer and  ... Listen here

Balancing external hires and internal promotions

  The demand for professionals who can lead change within organizations is on the rise. Based on an article by David A. Shore, Harvard University, entitled Making Change Happen: Five Keys to Driving Successful Change Initiatives: “Given the rapid pace of change in companies today, demand for people who can  ... Read more

What is the role of business in the new age of political extremism?

The 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer Global Annual Study made for uncomfortable reading. Edelman shows that trust is very much in crisis amongst the general public right across the world. In fact, trust in all four of the major institutions: business, government, NGOs, and the media has fallen. This decline in trust goes  ... Read more

Daniel Torres Dwyer
Executive Search Consultant at LS International

Check out this new interview with Daniel Torres Dwyer who will be heading up executive search for the Supply Chain function here at LS International. Daniel has experience networking with top talent in blue-chip multinationals in Retail, Consumer Goods and Pharma. He has predominantly worked within Supply Chain, Sales, Marketing  ... Listen here

The Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace

Joanna Allen, global vice president for Hellmann’s at Unilever, joined us to chat in our recent podcast. With a wealth of experience as a local and global marketer in the food and beverages sector, Joanna is well placed to talk about the benefits of diversity in the workplace. Indeed, she  ... Read more

Joanna Allen
Global Brand VP Hellmann’s at Unilever

LS International speaks with Joanna Allen, Global Vice President for Hellmann's at Unilever on the importance of a diverse workforce for successful employee attraction and retention. Joanna discusses diversity and recruitment, exploring 'gender and sexuality, but also diversity in terms of mental processing styles, kind of different strengths and different  ... Listen here

Why Wal-Mart is winning in the face of retail sector decline

The size and scale of Wal-Mart is nothing short of astounding when you consider the figures. Worldwide, the company employs 2.2 million people - larger than the total population of several countries. 1% of America's population is employed by Wal-Mart. And all the more remarkable, perhaps, is the fact that  ... Read more

The continued evolution of the OTC market

Consumer healthcare, also known as over-the-counter medicines (OTC), is an industry that continues to grow and evolve. In Europe, 80% of the online pharmacy market is shared by the UK and Germany. A recent study by James Dudley Management found that the industry is now worth almost 3 billion Euros.  ... Read more

What are the major challenges facing businesses in Asia?

As VP of Sales for J&J China, James Mounter has extensive experience of working in Asian markets. After holding various customer and innovation roles in the UK and across Europe, he moved to Asia in 2011. Whilst based in Singapore, James led the Asia Pacific Regional Customer Development team. In  ... Read more

Power inside and outside the workplace

If there is one particular aspect of leadership that is more difficult to grasp than all others, it could well be power. A recent workshop by Sonsoles Alonso focused on Power in Leadership and provided some valuable insights into an area that many leaders struggle with. Power is at the core of  ... Read more