Retaining talent, from Millennials to Directors

Successful leadership never comes easily. Being able to drive a team forward and produce outstanding results is difficult enough in itself. To be able to do this consistently, and to continue to push forward and deliver results year on year is a quality that all leaders want to have, but  ... Read more

The importance of employee engagement

Employees are a company's greatest asset. That is something that the vast majority of people can agree on, but crucial to being able to get the most from your most valuable asset is the need to ensure that employees are fully engaged. Companies should be asking themselves - just how  ... Read more

How are social communities now driving brands?

The growth of e-commerce and digital is only set to grow in the future. In our recent podcast, we spoke with Stijn Demeersseman, L'Oréal's General Manager Commercial Operations CPD for the UK&I, and he was clear on the impact that digital is having on the business. He says that digital has  ... Read more

Embracing differences leads to effective leadership

There can be no denying the value that an organisation gains from having a diverse workforce. A range of backgrounds, cultures and experiences bring valuable human capital to a company. If the workforce embraces and shares the organisation's ethos and vision, diversity in the workplace can create a highly successful  ... Read more

A personal face is still as important as automation for shoppers

From online supermarket shopping to click and collect services and self-checkouts, the shopping process has become increasingly automated in recent years. Now Amazon - already the world's largest internet retailer - is shaking up the shopping world once again. Its new concept, Amazon Go, looks set to push automation to  ... Read more

Pol Codina
Commercial Director Converse Iberia at Nike

Pol Codina started his career in marketing at PepsiCo working on iconic brands like Doritos, Fritos and Lays. After four and a half years in marketing Pol made the move to sales where he worked his way up to National Accounts Director. Along the way he was awarded BEST 2011  ... Listen here

Javier Hernandez
GM for Duracell UK & Ireland

Javier Hernandez has 18 years of FMCG experience within P&G and Duracell. He started his career with P&G in Mexico within the market research function and soon after, he began his international career in Belgium to become the manager for Consumer & Market Knowledge for Home Care in Western Europe.  ... Listen here

John Charles
Vice President of International Sales Walmart at PepsiCo

On this episode of the Career Success Podcast will be joined by John Charles. John has over 20 years of business development and sales leadership experience with PepsiCo building iconic Global Brands such as Pepsi, Gatorade, Tropicana, Frito Lay, and Quaker. In the retail sales channel, prior to PepsiCo, John  ... Listen here

What You Need to Know About Landing Your Dream Job

This article was written as a guest blog for Anna Lundberg and I thought it may be interesting for individuals in our network as well. The space between vying for an interview and landing the job of your dreams is quite a long journey.  There are many steps in the  ... Read more

Andreas Welsch
Head of International for KIND Snacks

Our guest on this episode of the Career Success Podcast is Andreas Welsch, Head of International for KIND Snacks. Andreas was born in Berlin, Germany and has 28 years of consumer goods experience, where he had the chance to work with some of the leading names and iconic brands in  ... Listen here

Anna Lundberg
Personal Coach & Business Consultant

On this episode of the Career Success Podcast we will be joined by Anna Lundberg. Anna is a business consultant and career coach. After a successful marketing career at multinational Procter and Gamble, she has since worked independently as a consultant with clients including Burberry, Vertu, and increasingly also small  ... Listen here