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Successful leadership is not easy. Driving a team forward and producing outstanding results time and time again is not something that every leader is able to do. During this Podcast, we speak with Atilla Cansun, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Committee Member of Merck Consumer Health Company. Atilla is responsible for leading globally a brand portfolio of almost a Billion Euros, which consists of 9 strategic brands in 6 different categories. If anybody knows how to lead a team successfully, it’s Atilla.

Atilla says “I am fully convinced and wholeheartedly dedicated in making a difference by applying emotional intelligence.

Listen to the full Podcast to hear Atilla’s opinions on:

          Changing leadership styles towards the spirit that is needed in the teams he works with

          The biggest challenges that the teams currently face

          Biggest skills shortages today

          How the business attracts and retains talent

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