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LS International speaks with Walmart eCommerce’s VP of Digital Acceleration, Kate Pearson.

We discuss with Kate about how an army background has contributed to her career in business. Being someone who’s managed big teams in traditional Retail but is currently working on projects that are cutting edge, she’s developed a leadership style that’s enabled her to be successful in very diverse set ups, from the Army to Retail, Logistics and Strategy. “Many people think of the military as a command and control leadership style, but the military really encourages leadership development and is very influential on how we think about leadership in Business. I learnt how to motivate and develop future leaders and grow talent”.

During the Podcast we discuss:

  • A military background and leadership style in the business world
  • Innovations Kate has developed in Omnichannel
  • What’s next in the eCommerce journey
  • Moving from Operations to General Management
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