Tim Brett

Board Advisor (Former President of Coca-Cola Western Europe)

Consummate P&L leader of billion-dollar consumer product businesses in Europe and Japan. Demonstrated marketing expertise, product innovation and brand-building over 30+ years of experience. Possesses deep insights into the dynamics of global consumer markets. Strong communicator with a track-record of driving employee engagement- and hence business growth.
Passionate coach, team-builder and people developer whose proteges have succeeded as business leaders themselves. Respected by peers within and outside the global consumer products industry. Solution-finder for sustainability challenges, and committed to steering individuals, companies and industries to achieve positive transformative change. As a marathoner, Tim draws interesting parallels between life skills and those needed to be a good long-distance runner. He is a football fan, and supports Norwich City Football Club. Tim graduated with an MA (Honours) in History from The University of St. Andrews, Scotland. Tim brings to bear his rich repertoire of skills and perspectives as advisor to the LS International Board, to guide the company’s growth strategies.

Want to transform a global consumer company?

Changing business environments.
Diverse talent pools.
New skills required.