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Hiring the “best talent” is a holy grail for every company. But there are no absolutes when it comes to people. The “best fit” for one role/company may not qualify for a different role or in another organization because culture, values, leadership styles and operating environments vary. That’s why objective and comprehensive assessment of individuals before promoting them, including them in succession planning processes or hiring externally is vital. Assessments also tangibly help enhance the effectiveness of leadership development initiatives and onboarding of external hires. LS International partners with SuccessFinder for assessments. Certified experts conduct the assessment and interpret the results, which our teams incorporate into the search process. This improves our chances of finding the perfect fit for our clients.

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The SuccessFinder assessment report includes powerful insights into the individual’s behavioural strengths and preferences, and their linkages with predicted performance. For hiring managers, this is priceless information that can greatly reduce the risk of incorrect hiring decisions.

The assessment tool reflects 85 Behavioural Traits and 35 Career Themes through 340 pairs of statements. Its ipsative (“forced choice”) approach requires candidates to choose the one statement from each pair that they believe applies more to them. The tool benchmarks each candidate against an extensive international database of professionals in specific roles and/or domains qualified as “highly successful”, “average” and “failing”. 

SuccessFinder understands people like no one else and leverages relevant predictive analytics through an integrated platform, powered by sophisticated algorithms. SuccessFinder is a 3rd generation behavioral assessment, meaning that it by far surpasses past generation tools by being a powerful integrated platform that provides a scalable automated solution to leverage big data, all available on the cloud. For context, 1st generation assessments are the most elementary and represent the earliest versions of psychometric assessments which are generally completed by hand in front of a specialist. Second generation assessments became more sophisticated and are typically offered online on an individual basis. However, these tools do not leverage the power of big data and have limited prediction capabilities.

Client review

Bruno Lubeigt Linkedin LS International

Popular leadership/business coach and career counsellor. Certified SuccessFinder practitioner. OD Consultant. Successful senior FMCG business leader with global/pan-European P&L responsibilities. MBA from ESSEC and a graduate from the Coaching Academy (Paris). Passionate about helping people grow by enabling them to find who they really are and what they are good at.

Bruno has transitioned from being a hard-charging profit-driven business leader to an executive coach who helps senior executives understand and transcend the psychological postures that impede their performance and growth. He works with teams to help them understand and overcome impediments to cohesion and unleash their collective energies to move forward towards their goals. His insights come as much from his own quest for purpose as they do from his training and experience as a coach.

Having lived and/or worked in eight countries across Asia, Europe and North America. Bruno considers himself to be a citizen of the world. He is fluent in English, French and Spanish and has a working knowledge of Russian. He loves quantum mechanics, astrophysics and mathematics and enjoys science fiction books and movies.

How we use

for Search

Recruiting senior talent is expensive, but the risk of a bad hire is perhaps even more so. A wrong hiring decision can adversely impact organizational performance. There is also the risk that a wrong person in a senior role may cause other members to leave. Disruption apart, this can also harm the organization’s reputation. Fixing the fallout of bad hiring can thus take a long time. Final shortlists are usually made up of 2 or 3 candidates who are very similar in terms of their qualifications, experience and interview outcomes.

In such situations, making the right choice can be dicey. We use SuccessFinder to provide hiring managers an objective basis to differentiate between the shortlisted candidates based on their behavioural profiles and the consequent likelihood of their success in the role they are being considered for.

How we use

SuccessFinder for Succession Planning

Succession planning is always a tricky issue because there is always a debate around “who is the best choice and why”. Whether you need to select leaders from a pool of internal candidates or you need to identify the next cohort of “high potentials” across functions, it is important that business and HR leaders get to know the natural talents and behavioral DNA of every person in the consideration set. They must be able to gather unbiased insights into their behavioral strengths and weaknesses so that development efforts are suitably directed.

That is where we can help. Using SuccessFinder, we can objectively profile individuals so that succession planning decisions can be made without the biases that arise because people hire people they like and are similar to them (and not because they are best-suited for the role).

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