Executive Search

Our executive search process is efficient, thorough, transparent, honest and confidential. We engage with people as human beings and not just as executives. In-depth interviews and the use of tools such as Successfinder allow us a 360o assessment opportunity. Our objective opinion of fit and likelihood of success in the new organizational setting is based on direct and indirect evaluation of personal and professional skills, work experience, reference checks and performance records.

The LS International Method

After studying the reasons why our clients ask us for help and defining what makes companies successful, we decided to come up with a probabilistic method that defines the ROI of strategic hires so that they can avoid excessive loss. Many would think that our recommendation would always be to get external help, but this… Read more

You can find the right eCommerce talent that your team needs if you use the right approach to the market and have the right network to do so.This will help you get ahead of your competitors while saving time, money, and not incurring any hidden opportunity costs. This opportunity cost is the one that every… Read more

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