LS International 22 April 2019

Career-Shaping Decisions with Carmela Cugini

The what, why and when in a career can sometimes be as important as the who. Stepping out of the known and taking risk is part of what will make our careers accelerate or stall. We have a very special guest in this edition of the Podcast, Carmela Cugini. After a successful 18 year tenure at Pepsico, she decided to join Jet.com, a start up at that stage, where she’s grown to currently be the head of merchandising for private brands. We invited her to better understand how some key decisions can drive success or failure in a career.

Topics Discussed:

• 3 key actions that shaped Ms. Cugini’s career
• How to grow quicker and faster than your peers
• Why change companies when happy with current employer
• Advice for people that are in their “Comfort zone”