Daniel Torres Dwyer 03 June 2019

Central Asia with Vugar Manafli

In a world where technology and globalization are bringing us closer together, the unknown is becoming something rare. Central Asia is one exception. A vast territory formed by former Soviet Republics which is developing and opening up but is still a mystery to many.  To shed some light and learn more about this region, we invited Vugar Manafli, the General Manager Central Asia for Colgate Palmolive, who’s lived and worked in the region since he moved to Uzbekistan in 2010. He’s currently based in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Topics covered:

  • Mr. Manafli’s trajectory and experience in the region
  • What makes this region special
  • Differences between the different countries in the region
  • Leadership skills learnt in Central Asia
  • How to lead successfully in the region