Lauren Stiebing 13 July 2020

How to Integrate DTC in a Traditional Business Model with Tom Pickford

After COVID 19, most retail businesses have started reflecting on their e-commerce strategy, and some of them, as very traditional, have found themselves lost in the e-commerce world.

Today we have invited Tom Pickford, who after almost 20 years at P&G, is now SVP E-Commerce at The Hut Group, a company that provides DTC services to leading brands and retailers.

As an expert in this field, Tom will explain why he believes DTC is for everyone, even for companies with traditional go-to-market models.

As Tom says, this revolution starts: “with first understanding consumers, knowing what your brand offers and then decided which e-commerce platform you want”

  • Which are the e-commerce trends across FMCG and Retail?
  • Is DTC for every company?
  • How to integrate DTC in your business model?
  • Where is the starting point for your DTC’s integration?