Paula Sáenz López 24 August 2020

Innovation in the Fast Lane: Running the Future of a Top FMCG Company with Rahul Hingorani

In this episode of the Career Success Podcast, we have invited Rahul Hingorani, Head of Innovation Southern Europe at Diageo to discuss with us about to launch successful Innovation.

Rahul has experience in different companies. Before Diageo he worked for Google and P&G across various markets, categories, and functions, such as marketing, sales, and revenue management. His broad experience has made him understand how valuable is to be always focused on bringing a new point of view on what he does. But he has also learnt that to be a good innovation director the first thing you have to understand is “not every single innovation you launch it’s a going to be a success”.

Topics Covered:

  • How can you start the innovation process successfully?
  • What is the most challenging aspect of a new launch?
  • How do you convince customers and retailers to buy your products and to be passionate about them?
  • A new perspective of innovation after a global pandemic.