Daniel Torres Dwyer 09 September 2019

Talent in the 21st Century Supply Chain with Willis Weirich

Companies, just like the people who make them, are permanently evolving and changing. Digitalization, automatization and customer-centricity are some of the trends that are shaping the way companies and the functions within them operate. How does the future of Supply Chain look like? And how can people impact and contribute to this change?

To understand this better, we invited Willis Weirich, who’s currently heading up Supply Chain for Neiman Marcus, to get his take on what good supply chain talent looks like today.


Themes discussed in the podcast:

• Key skills and decisions to make to get to a Chief Supply Chain position

• Which will be the skills needed to succeed in the supply chain function and what it will take to get promoted.

• 5 things to look into when hiring for a supply chain team

• Mr. Weirich’s journey up to a leading Supply Chain role