LS International 27 January 2020

Unlocking Disruptive Partnerships with Olga Guerous

Partnerships between big and small companies are becoming a very positive tool for both parts to grow substantially and benefit from it economically. To discuss this issue, we’ve invited Olga Guerous, who believes in the huge potential of entrepreneurs to inject positive value with innovations for the business, society, and environment.

Olga has had executive roles in leading Consumer goods and Healthcare Companies like Danone, Novartis or PepsiCo,  and more recently as Commercial Vice President and Regional Head for EU CIS in Mars Inc. Throughout her entire career, she has been praised for her strategic thinking, perspective, extreme curiosity as well as strategic partnership development and transformation skills.


Topics covered

  • Current status in the consumer industry (FMCG/CPG) Environment
  • Main challenges main players are facing
  • Smaller fast-growing and innovative companies in this industry
  • How big and small players can partner to create successful partnerships
  • Steps to create a successful partnership.