Leadership Development

Organizations invest millions of dollars every year to develop “leadership capabilities” in their senior and mid-level executives by getting them to attend workshops. But can a one-size-fits-all approach really be effective? Every individual has inherent strengths and a predilection to certain behaviours. More often than not, people do not know themselves or are unwilling to accept who they are.

What comes in the way of some people’s inability to display effective “leadership” are the behavioural demands imposed by their roles. Every role requires certain leadership behaviours (e.g. decisiveness, initiative, self-sufficiency etc.). When these are not an individual’s preferred behaviours, the role-induced pressure to exhibit them at all times becomes physically, mentally and emotionally draining, leading in turn to exhaustion, frustration and poor results as a leader.

Who Will Benefit

Our leadership development programs are intended for mid- and senior level executives (Directors, Vice Presidents and higher) who are already leading teams on a journey towards a vision with specific goals as milestones. Given our team’s expertise in the consumer domain (FMCG/CPG, Retail, consumer healthcare), we primarily work with clients in these sectors; however, our methodologies are sector-agnostic and are just as applicable to other industries.

How we can assist your organization’s leadership development efforts

Augment your organization’s in-house leadership development programs by running diagnostics and providing an initial level of coaching.

Coach individuals who appear to be facing performance challenges; they could be new hires or in-house talent who have been stars in the past.

Coach selected executives for a period of time to help bring about specific behavioural changes.

Work with a cohort of “high potentials” to enhance their leadership behaviours.

Leadership Development For Females

Most organizations have policies in place to encourage development of female executives as leaders. But there is still only a very small number of women leaders beyond middle management. It’s not always about qualification, experience or nature of the role; we believe women executives need to exhibit more confidence and hunger and less self-doubt. We can help.

Gender Diversity

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