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LS International has lunched here our new 10-minute Career Success Podcast will keep you up to date with recent industry and leadership trends, and give insight on what skills are needed today to help you achieve your career goals.

Our first guest is Alex Mierandino who is currently Head of Global Go to Market Strategy for Danone but has also been an entrepreneur where he grew his business to 1 million USD turnover in 9 months.

0:30 – Introduction on Alex Miserandino

0:55 – What key career decisions helped him become the Head of Go-to-Market within Danone?

2:50 – BEST advice to young talent about their career decisions.

3:30 – Challenges between the X and Y generations as ways of working evolve.

4:40 – Some major skills required today that were not as important 15 years ago.

5:09 – How should companies develop the new breed of younger, more digital savvy talent?

6:40 – How social responsibility is helping to retain talent today.

8:04 – What is Danone’s Manifesto and how does it help to engage talent?

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