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On this episode we will be joined by Juan Amat. Juan has 17 years’ experience, 12 within the consumer goods industry, and has worked in Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Warsaw, and Geneva. He is the former VP, GM Nutrition for Western Europe and Sub Saharan Africa, where he lead Fruit, Veg and Cereal categories totaling more than $2bn in Retail Sales Value.


1:38 – The actions he and his team took to deliver double-digit sales growth in beverages across Central Europe.

2:58 – His passion for the vision and giving it all to make it happen.

4:30 – What does it really take to attract top talent to your team?

5:30 – Energy and ambition, speed of thought, and the capacity to listen.

6:31 – How internal career prospects and his network have affected his career success.

8:06 –  The fragmentation of demand and its effects on the consumer goods industry.

9:30 – Polarization of top line and bottom line growth and how it effects companies within the consumer goods industry.

10:22 – What new skills will need to be developed as the industry and companies progress?


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2 thoughts on “Juan Amat

  1. Carlo Reply

    Very interesting interview. One of the most interesting point would be to further understand how the fragmentation of demand (more and more different clusters of consumers) will affects the companies’ strategies in a mid long term perspective.
    How can companies combine profitability with “offer customization”?

  2. Lauren Stiebing Reply

    Hi Carlo,

    I would recommed that you check out the book Design to Grow by David Butler.

    Hope that helps!

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