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Challenging yourself to take risks in your career isn’t always easy and there could be a lot to lose. We have invited Arnd Pickhardt former CMO of Lidl Germany to discuss with us his experience with taking risks.


In this Podcast, you will learn about:

  • Defining your end goal
  • How to overcome fears of failure and make that leap in your career
  • Overcoming failures and how that effects your career
  • Understanding where you best fit in each organization and defining your career steps accordingly

Arnd has 11 years of experience across multiple markets within Sales, Operations, Project management, internal Audit, Customer Services, Advertising, PR and marketing. During his time as the CMO for Lidl UK, he helped become the No 1 YouGov Brand Improver– Reaching from No 267 to No 2 and as CMO for Lidl Germany, he helped them to become the No 1 “Customer’s Favourite” in German food retail for the first time in company’s history.

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