Discovering skills, but more importantly character

In 2015, a study Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that "the average worker stays at his or her job for an average of 4 years".

So how can we help?

Executive Search

Quite simply, we work with the best people in the business. We don’t cast a wide net. This means networking with top leaders across industries and working exclusively on a referral basis .

Every client is a world. We put our years of experience towards identifying what business needs are specific to each company and project. This deep understanding is how we’re able to identify the best candidates for each case from our global network of talent .

LSI is much more than a one-time matchmaking service; we’re dedicated to adding long-term value to your organization . We will help you fulfill your strategic business objectives by proactively building highly-adaptive, diverse organizations with you over time.

We understand and work closely with the best executives. If we don't provide a shortlist that you are satisfied with, we will return the fee.

Career Consulting

LSI prides itself by providing candidates with career consulting to help the reach their career goals. By working with top companies in the industry, we know which building blocks each candidate needs to reach the next promotion and their long-term career objectives.

It’s in the numbers. Staying in the same company results in a 3% average yearly salary increase, while changing results in a 10% average increase. In the long-term, the difference is critical .

Need help writing your cv? Download our CV Template for insights on the must haves!


Talent Pipe-lining

Proactively plan for positions that you anticipate becoming available in the future. We ensure that you get access to high-quality talent without sacrificing a fast and efficient hiring process. Every candidate placed through pipelining is drawn from our network of thoroughly interviewed top professionals. We’re dedicated to recommending the right people for the job, and we provide a one year placement guarantee.