Step-by-Step Search Process

  1. Planning and Identification– Week 1
    • Initial Consulting: LS International will have an in-depth briefing call or face to face meeting with the client to gather all key information on the opportunity, as well as the company.
    • We will identify the value proposition of the role and company, packaging this in a way that is very attractive for external candidates.
    • LS International Briefing Document: After receiving the full job brief from the client, LS International will put together all of the requirements the ideal candidates must have, along with the compensation and any other important information. This document will be sent to all clients involved in the hiring process and should be approved by everyone to make sure nothing has been missed.
    • A clear timeline will be agreed on for each step in the process; eg: calibration, longlist, 1st and 2nd round interviews, offer date, start date.
    • The first week LS International will put together a list of around 100 individuals that have the background you are looking for. We will put this list together of candidates from your competitors to cover the entire market.
    • +50 Referrals from more Senior Individuals: LS International will get these candidates in part from our database, but also from recommendations from more senior contacts that we have in our network so that we really don’t miss anyone. This involves 50 additional calls.
    • Client Video Job Description: We will also create a video job description via a short video clip asking the hiring manager with 2-3 questions about the role and organization and this also helps to educate the candidates in the process in more detail on the position.
    • Calibration Call: At the end of the 1st week, LS International will conduct a calibration call with the client and share up to 8 profiles. This will guarantee we are on the right track and speaking with candidates that you find exciting.
  2. Qualifying – Week 2 & 3 
    • 100+ Interviews: In week 1-3 we will be reaching out and having 1st and 2nd phone call interviews with those 100 individuals identified in week 1.
    • The candidates that make it through this stage will be in the top 10% in their function, have the right building blocks, and the right things happening now in their career that makes it a good time for them to make a change.
    • We will then reduce the list down to about 15 of the top candidates and those top candidates will have a Zoom or face to face interview with LS International.
    • At this stage, we will conduct reference checks on all finalist candidates.
    • Short List of 4 Candidates: Of those finalists, we will choose 1-4 of the best to share with you. Of course, we will share more if we believe that they are truly all amazing and worth meeting. At this stage, we would have spent around 4 hours with each candidate and we know these candidates will be fully motivated for the role and ready to interview. We suggest you interview everyone that we recommend. We wouldn’t recommend them and waste your time if we didn’t think that were the best in the business.
    • Candidate Videos: We will provide you with an interview video clip of those candidates, so you can get a feel for them and their abilities before meeting them. You should provide us with 3-4 questions that you find are must-haves and we will get them to answer those questions for you in the video interview.
    • Together we will choose which candidates to invite to interview.
  3. Interview set up – Week 4
    • LS International will arrange the 1st and 2nd round interviews with the appropriate stakeholders.
    • We will brief each candidate on who they will be meeting and which information you would find important so that they highlight their experience in that area in the interview.
    • We will de-brief each candidate after each interview and have a call with you about your and their feedback.
    • Reference Checks: On and off the record.
    • Psychometric Testing and Report: We will conduct a leadership assessment using a psychometric test called success finder.
    • We will share a fully detailed report and have a video feedback session with the hiring manager and HR to be able to answer any of your questions.
  4. Offer Management – Week 5
    • This is a key step of the process which is a game-changer in acceptance and rejection. We will give the candidate the verbal offer and get acceptance. Once we have received their acceptance we will put the individual in contact with HR.
    • We will prep the candidate and help them through the resignation process to guarantee a smooth exit.
    • We will confirm their start date in the company and make sure they are able to reach the right people with any questions they may have.
  5. Integration – Post start date
    • Candidate Satisfaction Survey: Once the search has been completed, we will conduct a survey with all of the candidates which you have met to get their feedback. We will then write up a report on what they particularly enjoyed, what improvements can be made to the process and how your company is viewed externally. 
    • LS International will be in close contact with the candidates to make sure he/she is getting off to a successful start.
    • We will be in touch with the client to get their feedback on the candidate’s progress in the company and help to manage any issues that come up in the first months and year.