Talent Pipelining

It takes time to find the right pool of candidates, but positions don’t always get approved allowing enough lead times for search. Hiring managers, HR teams and executive search firms scramble to fill these roles, and may end up hiring people who are not the best fit. We questioned this sub-optimal status quo and offer a talent pipelining service that gives clients the best of both worlds: access to quality talent at relatively short notice.

Our Proposition

Proactive and Efficient

Proactive and Efficient

Our approach allows us to include in the pool candidates from other industries who are not looking for a change right away, but possess the critical skills needed (e.g. Data Scientists or Digital Experts). We provide candidates with an unbiased view of your organization, which in turn helps strengthen your company's brand as a talent magnet.

Long-term orientation

Long-Term Orientation

We will not headhunt client executives when a talent pipelining agreement with us is in place. What’s more, we provide a one-year “free replacement” guarantee for all placements through this service. If an executive we recommend chooses to leave the company within one year, we will help find a suitable replacement at no incremental cost to our client.

Be assured

Be Assured

Hiring is an opportunity to raise the bar and drive organizational change by infusing necessary functional and behavioural competencies. We can tangibly enable transformation keeping in mind the organization’s long-term strategic imperatives and constraints.


Based on the client’s hiring needs over the next 6-12 months, we work to create a pool of suitable candidates for each position. Candidates go through the same rigorous interview process as they would in a retained search.

We inform people upfront that the opportunity will take time to crystallize, and use our interactions to position the client company and the potential role/s. The net result is that we have a curated pool of candidates with the right experience, skillsets, cultural compatibility and motivation for when the client organization needs to hire.

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