Team Improvement

Your organization may have visionary leaders, but how far will you progress if teams are either unwilling or unable to work together? What if team meetings often end up without decisions being made because of finger-pointing, a lack of energy and intent or poor participation? If these remind you of teams in your organization, perhaps our team improvement offering can help.

Our approach to improving team performance

The magic sauce that binds members of a team together is their ability to empathize with each other and acknowledge that others may look at a situation from a different perspective. Friction within, and between, teams arises because some or all members of one or both teams do not appreciate this.

Our approach to improve team performance is based on making people realize the positive power of differences and how it can in fact propel the team forward in the desired direction. The “mirror” we use is the TeamComplete tool, which assesses individuals on the various behavioural competencies that are the hallmarks of effective teams. Our approach is useful as a solution to fix poorly-performing teams as well as in predicting how cohesively a group of individuals is likely to work when they are part of a new team to be set up.

Who is it for?

Our approach is useful both in putting together new project teams as well as in diagnosing the reasons for dysfunctions within existing teams and finding solutions to address them.

Team Composition

If you are looking to form a new team (say for a project), we can run the diagnostic on the individuals you are considering for the team, and provide you with insights that can help you form the best possible team (given the objectives). Our recommendations will be based on the individual behavioural profiles in the context of the roles they are likely to be playing.

Operating Teams

Operating teams are made up of people who have known each other for varying periods of time. Derailing behaviours will be attributed to different reasons. By running the diagnostic on every team member, we can uncover specific behavioural competency gaps that are leading to the dysfunction. Individual debriefs on the assessment results and a subsequent team workshop to “hold the mirror” to them will help members make the necessary course corrections.

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Not every team faces the same sources of friction.

Our approach to Team Improvement allows teams become aware of what impedes cohesion and collaboration. Contact us to know more.

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