Bruno Lubeigt

SuccessFinder Practitioner and 

Certified Coach

Popular leadership/business coach and career counsellor. Certified SuccessFinder practitioner. OD Consultant. Successful senior FMCG business leader with global/pan-European P&L responsibilities. MBA from ESSEC and a graduate from the Coaching Academy (Paris). Passionate about helping people grow by enabling them to find who they really are and what they are good at.

Bruno has transitioned from being a hard-charging profit-driven business leader to an executive coach who helps senior executives understand and transcend the psychological postures that impede their performance and growth. He works with teams to help them understand and overcome impediments to cohesion and unleash their collective energies to move forward towards their goals. His insights come as much from his own quest for purpose as they do from his training and experience as a coach.

Having lived and/or worked in eight countries across Asia, Europe and North America. Bruno considers himself to be a citizen of the world. He is fluent in English, French and Spanish and has a working knowledge of Russian. He loves quantum mechanics, astrophysics and mathematics and enjoys science fiction books and movies.


Want to transform a global consumer company?

Changing business environments.
Diverse talent pools.
New skills required.