We specialize in executive search for the consumer industry, which includes companies in the FMCG/CPG, retail, e-commerce, fashion, luxury, and consumer healthcare sectors. We understand the dynamics, trends and talent needs of the domain, and personally know many of the best people across segments, functions, geographies and personality types. These rich and constantly-expanding networks enable us to be more effective in identifying the best available talent for your specific requirements.


LS International actively participates in national and international forums and events of the consumer industry. This not only makes us aware of current and emerging talent needs, but also expands our network. More candidates seek our advice and assistance in finding suitable roles in the consumer industry, which means we can offer clients better access to talent- including in skill areas that are new or in short supply.

Companies in the consumer industry need top talent not just for "business as usual" but also to manage the challenges and opportunities created by the emergence of disruptive business models and adoption of new technologies. This calls for attracting and retaining talent in areas such as Data Sciences, AI, IoT, social listening etc. The new environment also means that consumer companies need leaders with experience in managing accelerated innovation and new types of partner network. Such talent is not easily available from traditional peers, so executive search must look further afield, including other industries.

Our Clients

Client Mattel
Client Melitta
Client Danone
Client Sodastream
Client Puma


Client Nelsons

“Lauren is energetic, with powerful connections and a profound passion for developing talents and organizations. Always adding value at every step, it is a pleasure to do business with Lauren.”

Stefania Scardaccione

Stefania Scardaccione

Global Head of Shopper Marketing & Category Management at Nelsons

Client Danone

“Lauren really makes the difference, as she isn’t focused on a one-shot-success, furthermore she’s eager to establish long-term and sustainable relationships.”


Tobias Bruchof

Head of Activation & Execution at Danone

Client Nike

“Daniel is very professional, maintains a strong connection throughout the recruiting process and does his best to find the right match.”

Michael Mashintchian

Sr Director & Strategic Enterprise Capabilities Lead for Global Fulfillment & Logistics at Nike

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