We specialize in executive search for the consumer industry, which includes companies in the FMCG/CPG, retail, e-commerce, fashion, luxury, and consumer healthcare sectors. We understand the dynamics, trends and talent needs of the domain, and personally know many of the best people across segments, functions, geographies and personality types. These rich and constantly-expanding networks enable us to be more effective in identifying the best available talent for your specific requirements.

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Case Study

"Truly impressed by LS International as an executive search company"

Luke Sebire, Global Director eCommerce at Carlsberg Group

State 1

High E-commerce growth and needed to hire quickly

State 2

Met top-noche candidates which led to 2 hires


14 Days

Carlsberg was on a very steep growth trajectory with their online sales. They had made a strategic hire of an individual from Amazon which was their first global leader within the function. Luke Sebire had no team when he was hired but he was at the stage where he would need to bring in a team to support their growth, one which was responsible for Asia and another responsible for Europe.

Luke did not have the time, and the internal talent team did not have the network to successfully recruit this type of talent. We were able to quickly assess the situation and understand which type of e-commerce talent they would need based on Calrsberg’s E-commerce maturity level. We went to the market and we were able to share their next Head of E-Commerce Europe and Head of Ecommerce Asia within 14 days.

Of course, these individuals still needed to meet various other stakeholders, but after this process, offers were accepted 51 days later. Through this entire process of hiring 2 direct reports, Luke spent just about 15 hours of his time and was able to hire 2 perfect candidates!

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Case Study

“I am extremely satisfied with the way you conducted the preparation work, understood the brief, the fact that the people that got in front of me were in line with the brief….. and that you were able to bring the person we needed. I am extremely satisfied.”

Filippo Della Torre, VP of Global Sales for Danone Specialized Nutrition

State 1

Danone attempted to hire for six months. They hired a candidate but she left after only 3 months.

State 2

Met the perfect fit candidate


22 days

Danone contacted us about a Global E-commerce Director position which was reporting into the Global VP Sales. This position had been identified as key to their strategic growth pillar: E-commerce. It had taken them 6 months to bring someone on board but when they finally hired someone the person left after only 3 months. At that stage, they had practically wasted 9 months and still had no one in the position. We evaluated the opportunity cost of this key position to be $750,000 and rising with each passing day.

We quickly met with Filippo Della Torre, VP of Global Sales for the Specialized Nutrition division, to explain the strategies, tactics and steps that needed to be implemented to recruit for these hard-to-fill positions. Twenty-two days later, we had his next Global E-commerce Director speaking with him! Of course, this individual still needed to meet various other stakeholders, but after this full process, the offer was accepted 44 days later. Through this entire process, Filippo spent just 8 hours of his time and was able to hire the perfect candidate!

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Case Study

Met Director of Supplier Operations in 7 days

Hiring Manager: Andreas Reichhart, VP Retail Operations at Zalando

State 1

Need to optimize inbound logistics network in line with 2030 vision

State 2

Met top female talent in 7 days

Time Frame

7 days

Zalando is one of the biggest fashion digital retailers in Europe. They got in touch with us in order to help them find their next Director of Supplier Operations who would report directly into the VP of Retail Operations. Zalando was on a very steep growth trajectory with their online sales and they needed a one of a kind visionary leader to optimize their inbound logistics flow in line with their 2030 company strategy. This position was particularly challenging as the individual would have to work very closely with existing suppliers to improve delivery performance as well as helping them bring product quality and safety to the next level.

Therefore, Zalando not only needed a results-driven, flawless performance supply chain expert, but also an enticing communicator, particularly gifted at building trusting relationships.

We went to the market and we were able to share their next Director of Supplier Operations within 7 days. Of course, these individuals still needed to meet various other stakeholders, but after this process, offers were accepted 30 days later.

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LS International actively participates in national and international forums and events of the consumer industry. This not only makes us aware of current and emerging talent needs, but also expands our network. More candidates seek our advice and assistance in finding suitable roles in the consumer industry, which means we can offer clients better access to talent- including in skill areas that are new or in short supply.

Companies in the consumer industry need top talent not just for "business as usual" but also to manage the challenges and opportunities created by the emergence of disruptive business models and adoption of new technologies. This calls for attracting and retaining talent in areas such as Data Sciences, AI, IoT, social listening etc. The new environment also means that consumer companies need leaders with experience in managing accelerated innovation and new types of partner network. Such talent is not easily available from traditional peers, so executive search must look further afield, including other industries.


"I would highly recommend Lauren as a very reliable, fast-paced, and effective global executive recruiter. She is an attentive listener who understands very well how to match best the interests of both the candidate and the hiring company to ensure an optimal outcome for both parties."

Inés Franke

Sr. Commercial Marketing Development Director at Kellogg's

Client Bayer

“The collaboration with Lauren was extremely professional. Lauren is very agile, reliable and result oriented. She is an active listener and has a great ability to understand the needs of business leaders. What I really like is her ownership on the search and her pragmatism.”

Adnan Ahmetovic

Global HRBP at Bayer Consumer Health

“Lauren was recommended to me when I had a crucial hiring need for a senior German executive. As soon as I reached out to her time seemed to speed up! She quickly sought to really understand what my needs were produced an excellent and diverse candidate pool whom she had vetted. The shortlist I interviewed were all impressive. Most importantly though the hire we made has not only proven an excellent fit, he is making a prodigious impact both commercially and organisationally.”

Andrew Plastow

Vice President Northern & Central Europe at Duracell

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