Finding the “right opportunity” requires you to be “right” about the role, the organization, timing, location, compensation, culture, and career growth avenues. Being sure of all this every time you look for a change is tough. With LS International on your side, it’s much easier.

Our Style

We forge strong relationships with every individual, and get to know them as people and not just functional experts or business leaders. This helps us to better assess their fit with positions, besides enabling us offer guidance about the skills they need to acquire or how best to position their expertise and experience. All discussions are confidential.



As a candidate, you will have aspirations as well as constraints. We will proactively bring you opportunities that are currently open as well as those that are expected in the future. In both cases, we will guide and advise you as needed to maximize your chances of selection.



We focus on the consumer industry. Our expertise spans Retail, CPG/FMCG, Apparel, Fashion, Consumer Healthcare etc. We have placed people in Fortune 100 companies as well as fast growth organizations looking for talent in this industry. Whether you are looking to change companies, gain experience in a new market or want to move into the consumer domain from outside, we can assist.



We are honest, trustworthy and transparent in all that we do and say. We will do our best to get you on the long-list of candidates for roles where we believe you are a great fit. But as you will appreciate, the final selection decision is made by the hiring manager(s).

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Our Clients

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“Lauren is one of the best recruiters I have met. She is very attentive, personable and gives feedback as well as asks for one in a timely manner. I felt supported through her company’s service.”

Shinyoung Li

Shinyoung Lyu

Innovation Director E-commerce at RB

“Had a fantastic candidate experience thanks to Lauren and her team. Great presentation of the opportunity, excellent coordination and was always kept informed. A great way to treat candidates.”

Miguel Premoli

Miguel Premoli

Vice President Human Resources at Walgreens Boots Alliance

“Lauren sets the bar very high on how consultative Headhunting should be done. Professional, honest and transparent on the process. In addition, Lauren's team are a reflection of her too. I have no hesitation in recommending Lauren to anyone.”

Christina Rapsomanikis

Christina Rapsomanikis

SVP e-Commerce at Coty

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