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Interested in mentoring?

Interested in mentoring?

The role of the mentor is to motivate, support, teach, advise, and inspire excellence in the mentee. A mentor provides knowledge; information and advice based on his/her experience. The focus is on sharing experiences with the mentee that helped the mentor be successful in similar situations.

Effective mentors have the ability to act as advisors, challengers, clarifiers, affirmers, sponsors, and learners. The highly effective mentor can easily transition from one of these roles to another depending on the needs of the mentee in a given situation.


“LS Elevate methodology allows the mentor to step back, question and develop his/her own listening and guidance capabilities.”

Karine Reynoud Fabre / General Manager

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Benefits of Becoming a Mentor

Mentors can gain personal satisfaction from helping others and continuous personal learning and development through their involvement in the mentoring relationship. Among many other benefits:


Thinking about being a mentor?

Be part of LS Elevate Forum

LS Elevate Forum is a transformative event for senior leaders of the consumer industry. An invite-only event where leaders will connect in an unscripted and natural setting. 

A celebration of leadership and connection for those leaders who are part of the LS International Network and part of our LS Elevate Mentoring Program.

This Forum is designed to be more than a conference, it is a gathering of leaders who are shaping the consumer industry and a unique opportunity to engage in Peer to peer-to-peer networking at the highest level of the industry.

Overall, this is LS International’s way of showing gratitude to our mentors, clients, and friends; in a way that disrupts the executive talent consulting industry. 

How it works

Screening and Qualification

Each mentor will be assessed by one of our LS Elevate Program Managers. This allows us to understand your background, skillset, leadership style and time capacity to make sure we make the best match possible.  


We will onboard each of our hand selected mentors to make sure they fully understand their role and responsibilities, as well as share our best practice handbook. Even if you have been a mentor previously, mentoring individuals from outside of your organization can be quite different. 

Mentee Matching

Each mentee will go through a psychometric assessment so that we understand the mentees capabilities and the areas of development. This will allow the mentee to show up with a plan and goals in place. It is key that we find the appropriate mentor for each unique individual so that you can make an impact and support them through their journey. 

9 Months of Sessions and Monitoring

Once you and your mentee confirm the match, you will have 9-12 sessions of 60-90 minutes, over a 9 month period. Each program has an experienced program manager that will have 1-2-1 calls with you and your mentee separately every 3 months. It is crucial that both you and the mentee have the appropriate support when you may face roadblocks. 

Final Results

Three clearly set goals will be set out at the start of the program and you will be a key player in sharing the developments you have seen in your mentee over the 9 months. 

How it works

Evaluate Internal Talent

The first step is to assess capability gaps within your organization. LS Elevate mentoring programs uses the power of SuccessFinder to scientifically map out the individual’s capabilities based on 85 behavioral traits and 26 key competencies without hidden agendas or subjective data. 

Assessment Session with Consultant

After taking the SuccessFinder assessment, each participant needs fully to understand their own results. In order to do this, each mentee will participate in an individual session with a certified assessment consultant who will help the mentee fully understand their development journey. 

Mentor Matching

Once we understand the mentees capabilities and the areas of development which will help them face future challenges, we will be ready to find the appropriate mentor. With LS International’s curated network of C-Suite individuals, organizations can access the best external exposure for their talent in a trustful and secure environment.

Continuous Support

Most mentoring program fail when the matching is done and mentee or mentor do not have the appropriate support when they face challenges or roadblocks. This is why each program has an experienced program manager that will make sure the program runs smoothly. 

Desired Results

At the end of the program, each mentee is measured on the goals which have been set out at the start of the program. Their line manager, HR and mentor will play a role in measuring his/her success.   


“LS Elevate’s approach enables very open and transparent conversations, away of any internal politics, and brings fresh new outside-in perspectives that both parties can benefit from.”

Inés Franke General Manager at Iglo Belgium

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