High-end executive search, talent pipelining and board practice services. Our unique search approach is built around curated connections and deep knowledge of the consumer and retail industry.


Our Clients


Find out how we have become the reference in diverse executive search and talent development for the C-Suite within the FMCG and Retail industry.


Global C-Suite ExecSearch

Executive Search

Through a curated network of C-Suite executives, we map, find and attract the best diverse executive talent across functions and geographies for consumer and retail companies.

Our retained executive search process is efficient, thorough, transparent, honest and confidential. We engage with people as human beings to truly identify the right fit for each company. In-depth interviews and the use of tools such as SuccessFinder allow us a 360º assessment opportunity.

Our objective opinion of fit and likelihood of success in the new organizational setting is based on direct and indirect evaluation of personal and professional skills, work experience, reference checks and performance records.

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Talent Pipeline

Building a diverse C-Suite talent pipeline gives companies access to curated, high-quality talent without being forced into a sub-optimal rush search. 

Our Talent Pipelining services allow companies to find the right pool of candidates, for future strategic assignments that will require new sets of skills or behaviors. This is a strategic model, in which we offer our network and market expertise to those companies to reach innovative solutions which your organization may have not considered before.

LS ExecSearch Talent Pipeline service is the best way to strategically prepare for the upcoming executive hiring that your global business strategy will demand.

Board and Non-Executive Practice

Designing a board of directors is the key to a successful long-term business and to good corporate governance. A well-balanced and carefully planned board is critical for every global organization.

Our Board and Non-Executive Practice seeks to transform organizations by carefully identifying the future talent needs of the organization and finding the best executives to lead the transformation. 

Through our curated network of C-Suite talent within the consumer and retail industry, we have access to leaders who can take any organization towards their long-term objectives, paying close attention to the board’s diversity and expertise. 


How LS ExecSearch Works


Industry Specialists

We are specialized in the consumer industry and that means we understand the type of talent you need for your business. We have been building relationship with top talent for years and we have access to talent that generalist agencies cannot reach. We are not recruitment consultants, we are industry experts. 



Referral Only

“Great people know great people” is how the executive search was born. We work with referrals only because who is better suited to measure someone’s success than people who have worked with that individual previously. We make sure that we are not staying in small networks getting referrals to the same people, but leveraging our network to get referrals to the best diverse talent in the market. 


Innovative Engagement

Innovation is key for every industry and we in a people business connecting with people in the right way is key. We support our clients and candidates to use innovative video tools from the outreach stage throughout the whole interview process to make sure the that every candidate is treated in the best way and that the right candidate is hired every time.


Commitment to Diversity

Diversity improves strategic and tactical problem-solving and decision-making in organizations and has been proven to consistently lead to superior financial performance.

We at LS International are particularly passionate about diversity, and go the extra mile to identify the best diverse candidates. In the past 7 years, 45% of the candidates we have placed were women and +35% met other diversity criteria.

Even clients who do not give us a specific diversity mandate appreciate our efforts to challenge unconscious bias and infuse diversity into their workplaces.

Why do diverse talent work with us?


Diversity at Our Core

Our consultants really believe in the power of diversity and understand the challenges which diverse candidates face. This is not something we do as a trend, but equality is something that we know is best for our candidates, clients and society.


Building Trust

Giving candidates the space and time to really listen to their needs is important when building trust with diverse talents. We focus on building long-term relationships with industry leaders to find the right match at the right time.


Strategic Recruitment

In order to attract the best diverse talent, it is key to have a diverse team yourself. We have built a team of consults that is truly diverse in age, ethnicity, education, culture, etc… without this we would not be able to connect authentically. Check out our about page for more info! 


Mike Tignol
Mike Tignol
Vice President Sales

"I can highly recommend working with the LS International team. Worked with them on a number of occasions in the past years, and 2 key elements consistently stand out : (i) their level of understanding of the Client's needs hence their ability to match this with the candidate's profile & ambitions, and (ii) their commitment and engagement to make things work. Wish you all a similar experience in working with LS International in the future!"

Shinyoung Lyu
Shinyoung Lyu
Global Digital Strategy Director

"Lauren is one of the best recruiters I have met. She is very attentive, personable and gives feedback as well as asks for one in a timely manner. I felt supported through her company’s service."

Adnan Ahmetovic
Adnan Ahmetovic
Head of HR Enabling Transformation (VP)

"The collaboration with LS International was extremely professional. The LS International team is very agile, reliable and result oriented. They are an active listeners and have a great ability to understand the needs of business leaders. What I really like is their ownership on the search and their pragmatism."

Ines Franke
Ines Franke
General Manager

"I would highly recommend LS International as a very reliable, fast-paced, and effective global executive recruitment firm. They understand very well how to match best the interests of both the candidate and the hiring company to ensure an optimal outcome for both parties."

Kamran Zaker
Kamran Zaker
Senior Director Retail Sales EMEA

"We have recently used Lauren and LS International's services to search for a very strategic position within our commercial organization. Lauren's hands-on approach was highly appreciated. She and her team prepared the search with innovative methods, which resulted in a very transparent and highly effective search. Combined with the pool of high-quality candidates, resulting in a successful search for the position. I would absolutely recommend her and her company for a Strategic Executive search of any kind."

Caspar Schwarz
Caspar Schwarz

Country Manager Germany

"It has been a real pleasure working with Lauren. Her commitment and ownership is outstanding and she really finishes her projects to the very end. Thumbs up."

Florian Kupfer
Florian Kupfer
Head of DTC eCommerce Europe & Asia Pacific

"Lauren and her team helped me secure a dream role.
As a candidate, I particularly appreciated getting visibility on the next steps, as well as receiving frequent feedback and useful interview tips.
LS International's "personal approach to talent" is more than a tagline.
Lauren and her team earn my highest recommendation."


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