Career Consulting

Being a boutique executive search firm means that we have around 50 opportunities a year. Unfortunately, we may not always have the right match at the time you are looking, but that doesn’t mean we cannot help. As a candidate, there are many things you can do to be well-positioned in the market. Even if there isn’t a role available with one of our clients, we can still help. We have designed a tailor-made service specifically to fit your needs.


“LS International is currently launching a new program for candidates which I can deeply recommend. It supports the individual in self-understanding and finding success. Super insightful training. Thanks for this. I also know Lauren from her great support in the interview process which she manages really professional.”

Claudia Poehl Sales and Marketing Director DACH

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Executive Career Consulting

After interviewing thousands of executive candidates, we have realized that the executive search service is leaving out candidates which do not immediately fit with an open position. We understand that our business is finding “A needle in a haystack” but we also want to support those executives who do not fit with one of our open roles. 

This is why we have built a career consultancy service that is tailor-made for you. Whether that is staying in corporate, starting your own business, or changing careers.

How we can help?


Personal Branding Session

Depending on when you entered into the workforce, personal branding may look quite different today. Make sure you are putting your best self forward both physically and digitally.


3 key introductions

With our network of global executives, we are perfectly positioned to introduce you to the right leaders within the companies you would like to work for. We want to help you land your dream job.


Interview Preparation

We can support you and make sure you are fully prepared for the interview, by not only prepping you for the expected interview questions, but by doing a deep dive into the company and its culture to make sure you are well prepared.

Anna Campagna
Anna Campagna
Senior Director Global Sales at Heineken

"Lauren has been a very fortunate encounter. She’s passionate, professional and most importantly a great human being. Her advice and guidance have been very inspiring and I consider them a lifetime learning. What I appreciate most in Lauren is her clarity, transparency and wide competence."

Juan Amat
Juan Amat
President Europe at JDE

"Lauren's insight has been very helpful every time I have spoken with her. She shows a genuine interest in understanding, always provides pragmatic feedback and thought-provoking ideas. Her perspective of the FMCG talent market keeps evolving and reaches today a broad geographical and company footprint. I see her as a true reference in her field."

Mike Tignol
Mike Tignol
Vice President Sales

"I can highly recommend working with Lauren and her Team. Worked with her on a number of occasions in the past years, and 2 key elements consistently stand out : (i) her level of understanding of the Client's needs hence her ability to match this with the candidate's profile & ambitions, and (ii) her commitment and engagement to make things work. Wish you all a similar experience in working with Lauren in the future!"

Christina Rapsomanikis
Christina Rapsomanikis
Global Vice President Digital & e-Commerce

"Lauren sets the bar very high on how consultative Headhunting should be done. Professional, honest and transparent on the process.Taking time zones and time pressures into account I was impressed with the use of technology as part of the process where required. In addition, Lauren's team are a reflection of her too. They were up to speed on people and processes. Lauren – You have a great relevant business. I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone."

Hugo Lehmann
Hugo Lehmann
Americas Sr. Regional Sales Director

"I would strongly recommend LS international as a head hunter / Recruiting agency. Lauren was extremely supportive all the way through the process and very professional at all times. She secured that the expectations that both the company recruiting and I had were met keeping everyone aligned at all times."

Shinyoung Lyu
Shinyoung Lyu
Global Digital Strategy Director

"Lauren is one of the best recruiters I have met. She is very attentive, personable and gives feedback as well as asks for one in a timely manner. I felt supported through her company’s service."

Florian Kupfer
Florian Kupfer
Head of DTC eCommerce Europe & Asia Pacific

"Lauren and her team helped me secure a dream role.
As a candidate, I particularly appreciated getting visibility on the next steps, as well as receiving frequent feedback and useful interview tips.
LS International's "personal approach to talent" is more than a tagline.
Lauren and her team earn my highest recommendation."