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Rapid career growth requires trade-offs. Only by coming out of one’s zone of comfort can one access new possibilities that are more challenging and rewarding. Executives who move companies when changing jobs on average get a 10% jump in compensation- the equivalent of staying on in the same job for three years at an average annual increment of 3% (assuming there’s no promotion).


Wanting to change jobs is just one side of the equation. You need to know what opportunities exist and whether you are likely to be seen as a good fit by the hiring manager and HR.

This means being aware of the valuable building blocks you possess- experience, market knowledge, behavioural competencies, functional expertise etc. It also needs you to be aware of possible gaps and how best you can fill them. This is what LS International’s Career Consulting service provides. We work closely with many organizations and hiring managers, and are thus well-informed of what kind of candidates they look for. We use these insights to guide individual executives so they become more attractive candidates for companies. And best of all, it’s free!

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