Lauren Stiebing


Small-town girl. Big dreams. Degree in International Studies from Louisiana State University and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Passion for head-hunting. Top-notch networking abilities. Skilled judge of people. Experienced head-hunter. Founder of LS International. Persevering, hard-working, resilient. High personal standards. Dedicated to success of every client and candidate. Burning ambition to transform executive search.

Lauren specializes in finding the best people for Sales, Marketing and General Management positions in the consumer goods industry across the USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Relationships with candidates and clients give her a broad and deep knowledge of markets and people. Both clients and candidates acknowledge that they love working with her because of her unique ability to craft solutions that balance client needs with candidate interests. Extensive international travel allows Lauren to pursue her hobbies of collecting currency and attending electronic music events. Favorite DJs include Audiofly, Acid Pauli, Jennifer Cardini and Raxon. To learn more about how Lauren built LS International, check out this podcast with Mark Whitby which she was a guest on.


Want to transform a global consumer company?

Changing business environments.
Diverse talent pools.
New skills required.