Carlsberg – Met Next Head of E-Commerce Europe and Asia in 14 Days

LS International

“Truly impressed by LS International as an executive search company…” 

-Luke Sebire, Global Director eCommerce at Carlsberg Group

Carlsberg was on a very steep growth trajectory with their online sales. They had made a strategic hire of an individual from Amazon which was their first global leader within the function. Luke Sebire had no team when he was hired but he was at the stage where he would need to bring in a team to support their growth, one which was responsible for Asia and another responsible for Europe.

Luke did not have the time, and the internal talent team did not have the network to successfully recruit this type of talent. We were able to quickly assess the situation and understand which type of e-commerce talent they would need based on Calrsberg’s E-commerce maturity level. We went to the market and we were able to share their next Head of E-Commerce Europe and Head of Ecommerce Asia within 14 days.  

Of course, these individuals still needed to meet various other stakeholders, but after this process, offers were accepted 51 days later. Through this entire process of hiring 2 direct reports, Luke spent just about 15 hours of his time and was able to hire 2 perfect candidates!


State 1: High E-commerce growth and needed to hire quickly

State 2: Met top-noche candidates which led to 2 hires

Time Frame: 14 Days

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