Danone – Met Next Global E-Commerce Director in 22 Days​

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“I am extremely satisfied with the way you conducted the preparation work, understood the brief, the fact that the people that got in front of me were in line with the brief….. and that you were able to bring the person we needed. I am extremely satisfied.”

– Filippo Della Torre, VP of Global Sales for Specialized Nutrition

Danone contacted us about a Global E-commerce Director position which was reporting into the Global VP Sales. This position had been identified as key to their strategic growth pillar: E-commerce. It had taken them 6 months to bring someone on board but when they finally hired someone the person left after only 3 months. At that stage, they had practically wasted 9 months and still had no one in the position. We evaluated the opportunity cost of this key position to be $750,000 and rising with each passing day. 

We quickly met with Filippo Della Torre, VP of Global Sales for the Specialized Nutrition division, to explain the strategies, tactics and steps that needed to be implemented to recruit for these hard-to-fill positions. Twenty-two days later, we had his next Global E-commerce Director speaking with him! Of course, this individual still needed to meet various other stakeholders, but after this full process, the offer was accepted 44 days later. Through this entire process, Filippo spent just 8 hours of his time and was able to hire the perfect candidate!


State 1: Danone attempted to hire for six months. They hired a candidate but she left after only 3 months.

State 2: Met the perfect fit candidate

Time Frame: 22 Days

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