Engkanto – A High Growth Craft Brewery From the Philippines Finds Their New CMO in Israel

LS International

“We recently worked with LS International for the recruitment of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) position we were looking to fill and had opened our search internationally. From start to finish the process was seamless. Before engaging them, Lauren had ran us thru the process, which started by them getting a clear picture of what we were looking for in the person and position, expectations, budget requirements. This included a set of questions we were asked to tackle that covered not just details on the CMO position but also on the Company, as well as a video we did to give potential candidates a better idea of us as a Company before they even started the interviewing process. 

What we found to be extremely helpful was that the initial vetting of candidates was managed by LS International and not us directly, so they screened over 100 potential candidates before recommending to us the six best candidates based on the information we had provided them with.  All the candidates showed potential and fit the profile we were looking for. LS International also coordinated all the interview schedules with the relevant individuals within our organization, guiding us thru the process and helping us make decisions within a timeframe that worked for the candidates. At the end of the process we ended up making a formal offer to the candidate we found to be the best fit, and she accepted. 

We have worked with several recruitment agencies in the past and have found LS International to be the most organized and effective, not just in regards to the recruitment process but also from a communication standpoint. We would highly recommend them, particularly when looking to fill high-level positions within a Company.”

– Ian R. Paradies, Founder & President, Napa Gapa Beverages Corp.


State 1: Engkanto needed an experienced CMO with an eCommerce focus. They were not able to find this person in the Philippines.

State 2: They asked LS International to extend the search globally and they found the ideal candidate in Israel.

Key learning: Run a global search with a partner who has experience doing it.

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