Harman International – How to Bring a Fresh Perspective During a Succession

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Harman, a specialized consumer electronics organization, faced a unique challenge when they needed to replace a long-standing employee who had been with the company for over 15 years. The position required someone with a fresh perspective, and Harman was eager to explore candidates from outside the consumer electronics industry. Their goal was to leverage their extensive network to find the best candidate who could not only bring innovative ideas but also possess the skills to coach and develop a young team. To meet this demand, Harman engaged LS International’s services, known for their hands-on and innovative approach to strategic executive searches.

The Need for Change:
With a cherished employee retiring after a commendable tenure, Harman recognized the importance of infusing new energy and ideas into the organization. They aimed to avoid stagnation and embrace change by bringing in someone from a different industry background, capable of challenging the status quo and driving growth in the rapidly evolving consumer goods landscape.

Finding the Perfect Fit:
To address Harman’s specific requirements, Lauren and her team at LS International took charge of the executive search. Their extensive experience in recruiting strategic leaders made them an ideal partner for this critical task. They understood that the success of the search relied not only on sourcing high-quality candidates but also on using innovative methodologies and maintaining transparency throughout the process.

The Hands-On Approach:
LS International’s hands-on approach to the search ensured that every step of the process was carefully planned and executed. Her team meticulously prepared for the search, taking into consideration Harman’s unique needs, company culture, and the desired skills of the candidate. The search was tailored to find candidates who not only possessed the necessary experience in a different industry but also demonstrated the ability to coach and develop a young team effectively.

Innovative Methods and Transparent Search:
LS International’s reputation for innovation in executive searches was upheld in their collaboration with Harman. They leveraged cutting-edge search techniques to identify potential candidates from the baby care and media industries. By exploring unconventional talent pools, LS International broadened Harman’s options and introduced candidates with fresh perspectives and diverse skill sets.

Quality Over Quantity:
Rather than inundating Harman with an extensive list of candidates, LS International focused on presenting a pool of high-quality individuals who precisely matched the requirements. This approach streamlined the selection process and ensured that each candidate had the potential to make a significant impact on Harman’s future success.

A Successful Outcome:
Within a remarkably short period of just four weeks, Lauren and her team delivered a standout candidate who met and exceeded Harman’s expectations. The chosen executive brought with them a wealth of knowledge from the baby care and media industries, injecting new ideas and approaches into Harman’s consumer goods domain. Furthermore, the candidate’s aptitude for coaching and developing a young team ensured a smooth transition and paved the way for future growth and innovation.

Recommendation from Kamran Zaker:
Kamran the hiring manager representing Harman, was more than satisfied with the results of the search conducted by LS International.

We have recently used Lauren and LS International’s services to search for a very strategic position within our commercial organization. Lauren’s hands-on approach was highly appreciated. She and her team prepared the search with innovative methods, which resulted in a very transparent and highly effective search.
Combined with the pool of high-quality candidates, resulting in a successful search for the position.
I would absolutely recommend her and her company for a Strategic Executive search of any kind.

The strategic executive search conducted by LS International proved to be a pivotal moment for Harman. By daring to look beyond their industry boundaries, Harman brought in a dynamic leader who not only embraced the cherished aspects of the organization but also breathed new life into its future. This case study stands as a testament to the importance of seeking fresh perspectives and the invaluable role of innovative executive search partners in shaping an organization’s trajectory.


State 1: Harman needed to replace a leader who had been at the company for 15 years but they wanted to bring new skills to the organization.

State 2: Met the perfect fit candidate who came from a different industry.

Time Frame: 17 Days

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