How to Hire a High-performer Who is Promoted Twice in 6 Years

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Phil’s professional journey is a testament to the power of partnering with an executive search company that can identify and cultivate top talent. After an illustrious 15-year career at Nestle, Phillip sought new challenges, and LS International presented him with an opportunity to join Duracell INC. in May 2017 as the Sales Director – Grocery & eCommerce UK&I. His exceptional performance in this role led to a promotion to Senior Director – UK&I Sales three years later. Now, after another successful stint, Phillip is taking on an even greater role, stepping into the shoes of the General Manager of the US market. His story exemplifies the significance of relying on an executive search partner that not only brings in top talent but also helps nurture their growth within the organization, ultimately saving significant recruiting expenses for Duracell.

Embracing New Challenges:
After a remarkable 15 years at Nestle, Phil felt the time was right to seek new opportunities and fresh challenges in his career. When LS International approached him with the opportunity at Duracell INC., he saw it as the perfect platform to apply his expertise and take on new leadership responsibilities.

The Right Fit at Duracell INC.:
With LS International’s assistance, Phil was appointed as the Sales Director – Grocery & eCommerce UK&I at Duracell. His wealth of experience and strategic vision made an immediate impact on the organization, contributing to Duracell’s growth and success in the UK&I market.

A Stellar Performance:
Over the next three years, Phil’s leadership and exceptional performance in the role led to his well-deserved promotion as the Senior Director – UK&I Sales. His dedication, strategic acumen, and ability to drive results were recognized and rewarded by Duracell’s leadership team.

A Quantum Leap to General Manager – US Market:
Phil’s journey at Duracell reached new heights when he was recently appointed as the General Manager of the US market. This promotion marked a tremendous achievement for Phillip as it was his first role as a General Manager, overseeing one of the company’s largest and most crucial markets. His progression within the organization showcased the efficacy of Duracell’s talent management and the importance of fostering growth within the company.

The Key Role of LS International:
Phil’s success story illustrates the pivotal role played by LS International in Duracell’s talent acquisition strategy. By identifying Phillip as the right fit for the Sales Director role in the UK&I market, LS International helped Duracell find a leader who would not only excel in the position but also demonstrate the potential for further growth within the company.

LS International’s expertise in understanding the type of profiles that excel within an organization was instrumental in the process. The partnership between Duracell and LS International resulted in bringing in a candidate who not only delivered exceptional performance but also had the potential to grow and take on greater responsibilities.

Cost-Effective Talent Acquisition:
By promoting and nurturing internal talent like Phil, Duracell saved significant recruiting expenses that would have otherwise been incurred in external searches. The strategic approach of LS International in presenting candidates who align with Duracell’s culture and possess leadership potential proved to be a cost-effective and invaluable asset for the organization.

Phil’s journey with Duracell INC. exemplifies the importance of partnering with an executive search company that understands an organization’s specific needs and can bring in top talent that has the potential for growth and advancement. By relying on LS International’s expertise, Duracell not only found a Sales Director who delivered fantastic results but also a future General Manager for one of its most significant markets. This case study serves as a testament to the power of investing in talent management and strategic executive searches to drive an organization’s growth and success.


State 1: Duracell INC. partnered with LS International to find a Sales Director – Grocery & eCommerce UK&I. 

State 2: LS Internationa’s candidate has been promoted twice since he joined Duracell and he is now the General Manager of North America.

Time Frame: 6 years.

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