How to Set Up a Global Business Operations for a Multibillion Family Business

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Sazerac, a multibillion-dollar family business known for its focus on the US market, recognized the immense potential for growth in international markets. However, expanding globally presented a significant challenge as they had primarily concentrated their efforts within the United States for several decades. To successfully establish a global business operation, Sazerac required top-notch leadership in Europe and Africa. They contacted LS International to find a Commercial Director for Europe, along with three Country Manager roles in Germany, France, and South Africa. This case study highlights how LS International swiftly identified exceptional candidates, paving the way for Sazerac’s international success.

The Ambitious Vision:
Sazerac’s leadership had a clear vision of venturing into international markets to unlock new growth opportunities. They understood that to achieve success on a global scale, they needed the right leaders who could navigate diverse markets, understand local nuances, and align with Sazerac’s unique culture and values. This vision prompted them to collaborate with LS International to fulfill their ambitious plans.

The Search for Exceptional Leadership:
The first step in Sazerac’s international expansion was to find a Commercial Director for Europe. This pivotal role would be instrumental in setting the foundation for Sazerac’s operations in the region. Additionally, Sazerac sought three Country Managers for Germany, France, and South Africa. These leaders would be responsible for spearheading market-specific strategies and ensuring seamless operations within their respective countries.

Efficiency in the Search Process:
Time was of the essence for Sazerac, and they needed a swift and efficient search process to secure the right candidates. Understanding the urgency and importance of the task, Lauren and her team at LS International swiftly swung into action. They leveraged their vast network and expertise in executive searches to identify top talents with extensive experience in international markets and a deep understanding of the beverage industry.

Presenting the Crème de la Crème:
Within just three months, LS International was able to present Sazerac with an impressive lineup of highly qualified candidates. Each candidate was meticulously vetted to ensure they not only possessed the required skills and experience but also aligned with Sazerac’s values and culture. The pool of candidates offered a perfect blend of leadership, innovation, and global perspective that resonated with Sazerac’s vision for international growth.

Successful Onboarding and Integration:
After the selection process, Sazerac proceeded to onboard the four exceptional candidates, comprising the Commercial Director for Europe and the three Country Managers. LS International’s guidance and hands-on approach ensured a smooth onboarding process, allowing the new leaders to seamlessly integrate into their respective roles and the organization. Within an additional three months, the new leaders had settled into their positions, bringing fresh perspectives and driving Sazerac’s international growth agenda forward.

Christophe Beau’s Recommendation:
Christophe Beau, representing Sazerac, expressed immense satisfaction in working with Lauren and LS International on the European searches.

He said, “what a great pleasure to work with Lauren and her team on the Sazerac European searches. Lauren was able to quickly understand the profile of the candidates searched, the Sazerac culture and propose top candidates. Look forward to strengthen our relationship and keep filling our organziation with the best talent available. Many thanks Lauren for your leadership, patience and belief in our project.”

Caspar’s Testimonial:
One of the successful candidates, Caspar, expressed his genuine pleasure in working with Lauren. He praised her unwavering commitment and dedication to the project, acknowledging her outstanding ownership and attention to detail. Caspar emphasized that Lauren ensured a seamless and satisfying experience throughout the recruitment process, earning her a resounding “thumbs up.”

Sazerac’s journey towards establishing a global business operation was significantly bolstered by their collaboration with Lauren and LS International. The swift identification of exceptional leaders allowed Sazerac to expedite its international expansion plans successfully. This case study underscores the critical role of executive search partners in securing top talent and fostering successful onboarding to drive an organization’s growth on a global scale.



State 1: Sazerac saw the tremendous opportunity for the growth of their business globally.

State 2: Hired in 4 leadership roles in Europe and Africa.

Time Frame: 4 months

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