Logitech – Met Next Head of DTC E-commerce North America and Latam in 25 Days

LS International

I really thought it would take longer, I was surprised that LS International could get it done so quickly.” 

– Andre Grünwald, Global Director eCommerce at Logitech

After a record sale in 2021 at Logitech, the DTC E-commerce channel had been a tremendous contributor to the source of that growth. The individual in the role has done a fantastic job and was to be promoted into a new role in the platforms team.

Under that context, Andre Grüenwald – Global Ecommerce Director at Logitech- had been already looking for 4 months for someone as good as the predecessor to join his team. Someone who could manage the complexity of creating strategy, give guidance and influencing the more traditional retail teams on why the DTC channel was key for them to win against competitors.

E-commerce talent was in very high demand at this time in the US, as the economy started to open up post covid. If their search team was not fast enough, they would lose candidates in just 5 days to other offers.

Andre did not have the time, and the internal talent team did not have the network to successfully recruit this type of talent in the US. We were able to quickly assess the situation and understand which type of DTC E-commerce talent, with marketing and strong influencing skills was going to be needed based on Logitech’s own shop requirements at the time. We went to the market and we were able to share their next Head of DTC North Amerian and Latam within 25 days.  

Of course, the candidate still needed to meet various other stakeholders, but after this process, offers were accepted 13 days later! Through this entire process, Andre spent just about 4 hours of his time on interviews and was able to hire the perfect candidate!


State 1: Logitech had been looking for 4 months for someone to continue the rapid short-term growth of the DTC channel, as well as define the long-term strategy for North America and Latam.

State 2: Met the perfect-fit candidate

Time Frame: 25 Days

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