Mattel – Met Next Head of KAM Discounters Europe in 27 Days

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I can highly recommend working with Lauren and her team. Together we have placed several critical roles very successfully over the last couple of years. We value most her passion, how great she understands our culture, the modern search approach, and her agility. Lauren is very nimble and is continuously looking to improve the candidate’s experience as well as the value for us. We really enjoy working with LS International and look forward to continuing our long term collaboration” 

– Sebastian TrischlerManaging Director DACH at Mattel

Mattel contacted us about a European Head of KAM for the Discounter Channel which was reporting to the Head of Sales for the DACH region. This position had been identified as the key to their strategic growth pillar for the company’s long-term European strategy. Mattel was looking for someone who was going to be responsible for developing, optimizing and executing the retail plans with very strong and strategic players such as Lidl, Aldi, Penny, Netto, amongst others, which are known in the region for their tough negotiation style, hard margins, and challenging commercial policies. Therefore, Mattel needed someone excellent at managing complexity, a strong sales acumen, and relationship-building capabilities.

We quickly met with Sebastian Trischler, Managing Director for DACH and Artyom Frolov, Head of Sales for DACH to explain the strategies, tactics, and steps that needed to be implemented to recruit for these hard-to-fill positions. Twenty-seven days later, we had his next European Head of KAM for Discounters speaking with them! Of course, this individual still needed to meet various other stakeholders, but after this full process, the candidate received an offer for the position 45 days later.


State 1: Mattel needed a high potential, agile individual to lead and develop the Discounter Channel, a key growth avenue for the company and one of the most strategic from a long-term strategy. Responsible for over 27 markets and 8 accounts this person needed to be able to be an exceptional business developer with a strong mindset to manage high levels of complexity.

State 2: Met the perfect fit candidate

Time Frame: 27 Days

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