Revlon – Securing the Ideal Successor for VP EMEA Prestige, Digital, and Travel Retail

LS International

The challenge:
Revlon, a global leader in cosmetics, faced a dual challenge in optimizing its presence in the EMEA region while also needing to replace a highly esteemed executive who had held the VP EMEA Prestige, Digital, and Travel Retail role for over 12 years. The departing executive had made significant contributions to the company’s success, setting an exceptionally high standard for their successor. As Revlon aimed to maintain momentum and elevate their brand Elizabeth Arden in the travel retail sector, it was crucial to find a leader with profound experience and expertise to fill this critical position seamlessly.

Profile Needed:
The successor to the VP EMEA Prestige, Digital, and Travel Retail role at Revlon needed to possess a rare combination of skills and qualities. They not only had to demonstrate a deep understanding of the consumer industry and the luxury cosmetics segment but also needed to have a proven track record in driving digital innovation and leading successful strategies in travel retail. With the departure of an exceptional leader, it was imperative to find a candidate who could not only meet but exceed the high standards set by their predecessor, bringing fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to further advance Revlon’s market position in EMEA.

Initial Stage:
Understanding the critical nature of this dual challenge, Revlon partnered with LS International, a global executive search firm renowned for its expertise in the consumer industry. Leveraging our extensive network and in-depth understanding of the sector, we embarked on a comprehensive search process to identify a successor who could seamlessly transition into the role and uphold the legacy of excellence established by the outgoing executive. Through targeted outreach and rigorous evaluation, we sought out individuals who not only met the specified criteria but also possessed the intangible qualities necessary to drive Revlon’s continued success in EMEA.

After an exhaustive search, LS International successfully identified a standout candidate whose profile not only met but exceeded Revlon’s expectations. This exceptional individual brought with them a wealth of experience and a proven track record in the cosmetics industry, coupled with a visionary approach to digital innovation and travel retail strategies. Their demonstrated leadership abilities and strategic acumen positioned them as the ideal successor to lead Revlon’s efforts in EMEA. Presenting this candidate to Revlon’s top executives, LS International showcased the value of our specialized expertise in connecting companies with top-tier talent, ensuring a seamless transition and continuity of success for Revlon’s Prestige, Digital, and Travel retail initiatives.

Key Learnings:
This case study highlights the importance of partnering with a specialized executive search firm like LS International when faced with the dual challenge of replacing a highly esteemed executive while also driving strategic growth initiatives. Our ability to identify and attract exceptional candidates who not only meet but exceed the established standards enables companies like Revlon to navigate leadership transitions effectively and sustain their competitive advantage in the ever-evolving consumer industry landscape.


State 1: Revlon needed to find the right successor for the VP EMEA Prestige role.

State 2: Met the perfect fit candidate.

Time Frame: 14 Days

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