Tom Tailor – Met next Global Head of Logistics 15 Days

LS International

“LS International was very quick and efficient though the talent search process, it was clear very early they are FMCG industry experts and their combination of global and local insight was very useful.”

Liam Devoy, COO at Tom Tailor

Tom Tailor is a global key player in the fashion industry which got in touch with us to find their Global Head of Logistics, a newly created position reporting directly into the VP Global Supply Chain. At the time, Tom Tailor was looking for a disruptive talent, who could redesign and reframe the logistics set up at the company. With a strong focus on 3PL management, outbound transportation and warehouse distribution, the individual who would take the role would have to be a in-depth, hard-won wisdom expert in the field, but also someone who had the necessary cutting-edge innovative and transformational skills to able to take on the big challenge of reinventing how Tom Tailor’ distribution set up.

With this perspective of developing a highly impactful position across all levels and markets, the inhouse Human Resources team needed support to understand the state of the market in regards to this type of talent and how that landscape could fit into their own internal structure. 

We jumped right in and in a matter of 15 short days we presented the candidate which would end up taking on the challenge.


State 1: Looking to redesign and reframe the logistics set up at the company

State 2: Met top-noche candidates

Time Frame: 15 Days

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