Duracell - Met Next Head of Modern Trade Grocery Channel in 10 Days

“ LS International has a real drive and bias to action: the process never stalls. Sometimes in bigger firms, I have found that there is an initial urgency after an appointment and things slow down and don’t always move at the pace that we would like. LS International moves very quickly, which is great .”

– Andrew Plastow, General Manager Northern and Central Europe

Duracell contacted us about a Head of Modern Trade position which was reporting into the regional GM. With a business which had consistently grown double digits in the last 2 years after an aggressive and successful turnaround plan, this position had been identified as key to their strategic long-term growth pillar.

Andrew needed a best-in-class sales expert, highly experienced in driving the customer relationship and the growth of the business: someone who was going to open white space and follow up on opportunities with the main German retailers to ensure a strong market share growth and a profitable market penetration of the newest Duracell’ brand launch.

Andrew did not have the time, and the internal talent team did not have the network to successfully recruit this type of talent. We were able to quickly assess the situation and understand which type of talent they would need. We went to the market and we were able to share their next Head of Modern Trade for the Grocery Channel within 10 days.  

Of course, these individuals still needed to meet various other stakeholders, but after this process, the offer was accepted 45 days later. 

State 1: Duracell had just merged two business units together and had a big organizational challenge along with a great growth potential for the year ahead, and needed a Modern Trade expert to run the Grocery DIY, Electro, Discounter and Drug businesses.
State 2: Met the perfect fit candidate
Time Frame: 10 Days