Eric de Cozar

LS International

Eric de Cozar is our guest on this episode of the Career Success Podcast. He has 20 years’ experience in sales and marketing within large blue chip organizations such as Kraft Foods, Ferrero, and Diageo.  He has had many successes throughout his career and especially in global business development for Carrefour Group where he achieved an average net sales growth at +7% for 3 years.


1:14 – How being humble has helped to excel even further in his career.

1:57 – Positivity and performance. What effects do effects they have on your N+2?

3:30 – His leadership style summed up in one phrase. “Value fact over bullshit, walk the talk and be loyal!” – Eric de Cozar

5:40 –  Corporate Social Responsibility and what that means for the FMCG industry.

6:30 – Price wars and their effect on the industry.

7:54 – Managing talent from “pre-hire to retire” and what has changed?

9:05 – “Attitude over aptitude”

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