Javier Hernandez

LS International

Javier Hernandez has 18 years of FMCG experience within P&G and Duracell. He started his career with P&G in Mexico within the market research function and soon after, he began his international career in Belgium to become the manager for Consumer & Market Knowledge for Home Care in Western Europe. He then was promoted into a Group Manager position in Geneva and in 2005, he moved into Brand Management on Dish Care for Western Europe. He worked his way up in marketing and in 2013 he became the Associate Marketing Director for Duracell for Western Europe and Global Rechargeable products where they delivered the best year since P&G acquired the brand.  They achieved growth across all measures including a 4% increase in sales, 6% increase in share and over 50% increase in Profit. In 2015 he was asked to lead the Duracell integration into Berkshire Hathaway for the UK & Irish business and in 2016 he was appointed the General Manager for Duracell UK & Ireland as a Berkshire Hathaway company.

:06 Introduction

1:25 The most important job selection factors.

2:43 Why you shouldn’t be guided by a title.

3:45 Javier’s key learning throughout his career.

5:05 Currency exchange and how to deal with the market uncertainly of today.

6:21 Duracell’s vision on e-commerce.

7:49 Duracell’s key challenges at the moment.

9:18 Why he took the risk to leave P&G and go to Duracell.

10:30 What is the culture behind the $2 billion start up?


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