John Charles

LS International

On this episode of the Career Success Podcast will be joined by John Charles. John has over 20 years of business development and sales leadership experience with PepsiCo building iconic Global Brands such as Pepsi, Gatorade, Tropicana, Frito Lay, and Quaker.

In the retail sales channel, prior to PepsiCo, John worked in the spirits industry for Jim Beam International and Agribusiness for Continental Grain. All told, John Charles has worked in over 40 different markets across Latin America, Europe, Middle East/Africa and Asia.

He is currently based in the USA and serves as the Vice President of International Sales for Walmart International, overseeing PepsiCo sales across Mexico, UK, Canada, Brazil, and China among other markets.


:06 Introduction

1:18 John’s tips on developing great leadership skills.

3:45 Crafting a common vision about what you want to achieve.

5:08 John’s biggest failure and how he learned the importance of cash flow.

6:38 Why it is important to make digital a part of your everyday job.

7:37 International experiences and how they help you grow as a leader.

8:07 Technical vs. People skills – Getting to the right balance.

9:08 Biggest changes in the industry – E-commerce, consolidation, and volatility of international markets.

10:15 How these changes will influence the consumer goods industry in the next 3-5 years.


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