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Listen here for our 3rd episode of the Career Success Podcast. Our guest on this episode is Heidi Greslé who has 21 years’ experience in Global Consumer Health Care companies. Heidi is currently the General Manager UK and Ireland for Merck Consumer Health Care. During this episode, she discusses with us a range of topics such as:

1:00 – 3 key qualities you should look for in every career change.

1:51 – The best way to guarantee you will progress to a General Management position one day.

2:54 – What new core competencies will be needed for every company to be successful?

3:50 – Large and small companies and their effect on the healthcare market.

5:30 – What does Merck Consumer Health Care offer to consumers and employees that makes them different?

7:02 – How their purpose and products are changing lives.

8:19 – How to decide which organizations could offer the right career path for you.


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