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Listen here for our 2nd episode of the Career Success Podcast. Our guest on this episode is Vincent Egbe who has 12 years’ experience in FMCG within the African market. Vincent is currently the General Manager of West and Central Africa for The Kraft Heinz Company. During this episode, he gives us a look into a range of exciting topics concerning the African market such as:

1:22 – How being born in Africa affected his career path and success.

3:05 – How Jay-Z and fast growth swayed him toward working in business development.

4:33 – People management and its influence on career growth.

6:12 – Government policy and its effects on business in Africa.

7:09 – The biggest challenges affecting the African Market today.

9:04 – Issues with duties, consumption, and infrastructure in Africa.

10:36 – The skills needed and how to solve some of the main issues in Africa.

13:10 – Issues and effects on the growth of talent today.

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