Puma - Met Next Head of E-commerce Mexico in 10 Days

Puma was on a very steep growth trajectory with its online sales globally. They reached the point to launch their D2C e-commerce site for Mexico and Mario Jesus Olvera Morales, GM Mexico, needed the right talent to set it up. 

Mario and the internal talent team had been searching for 7 months without success. We were able to quickly assess the situation and understand which type of e-commerce talent they would need based on Puma’s E-commerce strategy. We went to the market and we were able to share their next Head of E-Commerce Mexico within 10 days.  

Of course, this individual still needed to meet various other stakeholders, but after this process, the offer was accepted 34 days later. Through this entire process, Mario spent just about 4 hours of his time and was able to hire the perfect candidate!

State 1: Puma wanted to launch their E-commerce in the Mexican market
State 2: Met a fantastic female leader to lead the project
Time Frame: 10 Days

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